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  • Rusutsu Resort

    The top Hokkaido summer and winter resort, complete with a fun amusement park for all ages in summer and the best ski resort in Hokkaido in winter.

  • Rusutsu Fureai Park Park-golf Course

    36 holes in total, many players return regularly to this popular course.

  • Akadamo Park-golf Course

    18 holes in total; a great spot where you can play upon making a contribution towards the running of the course.

  • ルスツ温泉


  • BBQ Site within Rusutsu Furusato Park

    A field kitchen and toilets are available, enabling you to enjoy BBQs and outdoor activities.

  • Climbing Mt. Shiribetsudake

    Climb a trailsurrounded by wild plants, to the summit 1,107.4m above sea level. Take in the views of Mt. Yotei and even as far as Lake Toya.

  • Cycling

    An excellent cycling course between Izumikawa and Mukougaoka, ideal for family fun. MTBs are available for rent at Rusutsu Resort.

  • Fishing

    Catch landlocked masu salmon and mountain trout in the Noborienkoro and Pon Nukkibetsu rivers. There is a good spot for beginners, too.

  • Skiing/snowboarding (Rusutsu Resort Ski Area)

    The largest in Hokkaido, with a total pistelength of 42km! The resort has 37 courses covering 3 mountains: West Mountain, East Mountain and Mt Isola.


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